Welcome to the Team: Frannie

Hello, everyone! My name is Frannie Murray, and I hail from Cheyenne, Wyoming. As a senior in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, I am one semester away from graduating with a degree in Culture & International Politics with a concentration in Political Marketing. This focal point has allowed me to fuse art and politics, which I discovered lies at the intersection of my skill set and passion. During my junior year (2015-2016), I took advantage of the international opportunities offered by Georgetown and studied abroad in Florence, Italy in the fall and Cape Town, South Africa, in the spring. In addition to my academic work, I hold four jobs on campus; I work for The Corp in their Marketing Department, I scan groceries at Vital Vittles, I brew coffee at the library’s café, and I walk Georgetown’s adorable mascot, Jack the bulldog. In my marketing role, I am often called “the wordsmith” because of my aptitude for typography and sharp interest in the architecture of language—both artistically and academically. I consider myself a linguistic engineer, as I love to play with words and pride myself on effective communication. Here at Memunatu, I am thrilled to be working as a design volunteer.