Kate Glantz #EmpoweringInnovation

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Kate Glantz, Heartful.ly

MM: Who in your life has most inspired you? Why? 

Glantz: My mom inspires me most! She ran a successful business throughout my childhood, but never missed a family dinner, sports game, or school play. She balanced so many responsibilities with grace and poise showing me that I could do the same!

MM: What challenges have you had to overcome?

Glantz: I’ve been fortunate to have led a pretty happy, healthy, and safe life. When I founded my company, however, I suffered from something called imposter syndrome. It’s when you feel like you’re a fraud and everyone is going to find out at any minute. It took a lot of hard work, mentorship from people who believed in me, and time to move past that silly notion and embrace by inner #girlboss!

MM: What motivated you to continue to make strides on your journey?

Glantz: I believe so viscerally in the work I’m doing that I view challenges as obstacles, never deal breakers. I am also surrounded by so many great people that whenever I need a little boost, they’re nearby to lift me up!

MM: How do you innovate in your field?

Glantz: I believe that life’s most important moments are the best times to give back. My company, Heartful.ly, is a platform that makes it more meaningful, transparent, and fun to give back on the big days in your life!

MM: What do you find most interesting about Memunatu? 

Glantz: I love Memunatu! The success of our future lies in nurturing the minds and curiosity of girls. Memunatu is doing that and so much more!

MM: What advice would you give to teenage girls around the world wondering how they can innovate in their communities

Glantz: Look at the challenges affecting your community and think about how you want to solve them! While they may seem insurmountable at first, if you break them down into bite-sized pieces, collaborate with people you respect, and stay positive, you can accomplish anything!