Founder: Mariama

Founder: Mariama

Hello! My name is Mariama Kabia and I am Co-founder and President of Memunatu Magazine, Inc. I handle day-to day operations, strategy, and act as Editor-in-chief. I graduated from Harvard Kennedy School of Government with a Master in Public Policy (2014) and am passionate about social enterprise. Prior, I studied international relations at the University of Pennsylvania (C’12), interned at the Embassy of Sierra Leone, and helped come up with what would turn into Memunatu Magazine.

Here is a little more about me:

Magazines while growing up: Scholastic, Girls’ Life (GL), Seventeen

Favorite Sport: Soccer! (“football”)

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Favorite classes in Secondary School: English and Math

Some Activities/Awards:

Harvard Social Enterprise Conference External Relations Co-chair (2014)
Millennium Challenge Corporation Social and Gender Assessment Intern (Summer 13)
Harvard Innovation Lab Resident (Fall 12- Summer 14)
UPenn Senior Leadership Award Finalist (2012)
Dell Social Innovation Competition Semifinalist Fellowship (2011)
Onyx Senior Honor Society (2011)
Embassy of Sierra Leone Intern (Summer 10)
Wharton Undergraduate Marketing Conference Logistics Director (2009)
Future Business Leaders of America State Finalist (2008)
National Achievement Award Finalist (2008)
National Career Development Association Poetry Winner (2006)

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