The Team at Memunatu is very excited to announce that throughout the month of April, we will be participating in the KIND Causes Campaign! If selected, we will be awarded $10,000 to implement an exciting project in our partner schools!


What is KIND Causes?

KIND Causes is a movement led by KIND, a company that produces tasty and healthy snacks. KIND Causes’s goal is to empower people around the world to celebrate and promote kindness. In order to do this, KIND Causes takes monthly submissions for projects that create a positive and “kind” impact within communities around the world. Each month, individuals are encouraged to vote for their favorite KIND project idea. At the end of the month, the winner of the KIND Causes Campaign will receive $10,000 towards the implementation of their project!


This month, KIND Causes is giving Memunatu an opportunity to turn our own #DreamstoReality!


What is Memunatu’s idea?

In keeping with our #DreamstoReality themed year, Memunatu is developing an Empowerment Team led by our Student Ambassadors in schools across in Sierra Leone.

You may wonder “What is an Empowerment Team?” The Empowerment Team, selected from the student body, will work with peers to

1) find out the biggest challenges in their schools

2) commit to one solution over the summer holiday

3) reconvene in the fall to make that idea a reality.

Specifically, the Empowerment team will engage with the school community to tackle issues on a local and global scale, beginning with a sustainability initiative at the end of this school year.


How will this idea make an impact?

The Empowerment Team will allow Memunatu girls to reach new heights as they discover interests, engage within their community, and hone leadership skills. Through reflection after each initiative the Empowerment Team decides to take on, they will learn about themselves, each other, and the world.


There are three direct impacts that the  The Empowerment Team will have. First, Memunatu girls will have an opportunity to experience leadership positions. They will take part in an initiative from start to finish, be able to see the effects of their actions, and lead group activities and reflection.  Additionally, girls will do unique hands-on learning. Our Empowerment Team will learn firsthand through activities and research that requires innovative minds. As a result, girls will develop skills for school and future work world. Lastly, by engaging within their community, girls will explore issues facing their communities and have greater ownership of solutions. This personal sense of ownership will ultimately lead to a more empowered girl.


How can you get involved?

This month, Memunatu will be sharing photos from staff members, friends, and all Memunatu supporters in which they share why they are voting #MemunatuKIND. You can like, comment, and share our posts or create your own using the hashtag #MemunatuKIND.


And, of course, you can vote for Memunatu right here in the KIND Campaign. Share the link and encourage your friends to do so, too!