Memunatu Magazine partners with Embassy to help underserved girls

Memunatu Magazine, Embassy of Sierra Leone Partner to Help Underserved Girls

WASHINGTON, DC, November 3, 2015 – Today, Memunatu Magazine is announcing a strategic partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone. As part of the partnership, the Embassy will distribute Memunatu Magazine to secondary schools throughout Sierra Leone through 2016.

This new partnership will help provide critical tools to students in Sierra Leone. Importantly, these tools focus on supporting girls with content and opportunities currently unavailable in the country.

“We are excited to partner with Memunatu,” said the Embassy’s Head of Chancery, Mrs. Isha Sillah. “Memunatu has an ambitious goal—to empower teenage girls in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through their publication, programs, and long-term vision, not only do they have a strong foundation to succeed in this endeavor, they have the potential to create impact at scale. The Embassy supports women and girls and believes that Memunatu is an innovative way to reach this important group.”

Memunatu, currently funded through sponsors and donations, promotes literacy, leadership, and empowerment for teenage girls (10-17 years old) in West Africa through a classroom magazine. Content specifically targets underserved girls with practical and educational topics such as trends, health, finance & entrepreneurship, suggested reading, and skill building. The publication also features girls doing amazing things in their communities and positive female role models to look up to.

“In an environment where teenage girls drop out of school at high rates, early pregnancies occur, and cultural barriers keep girls from advancing, Memunatu aims to improve women’s outcomes” said Mariama Kabia CEO and Co-founder, Memunatu Magazine. “We are thrilled about this partnership with the Embassy of Sierra Leone because it will dramatically expand the number of girls we are able to positively impact.”

Memunatu will be sent to 20 schools, impacting around 16,000 students starting November 2015.  To learn more about Memunatu or sponsorship opportunities, please visit

About Memunatu Magazine

Memunatu promotes literacy, leadership, and empowerment for teenage girls (10-17 years old) in West Africa. Our mission is to create a unique, community-driven publication that provides underserved girls with a range of fun and educational content—from health to tips for school and suggested reading. Distributed through secondary schools with an accompanying teacher’s guide and school platform, Memunatu bridges the gap between educational and extracurricular life. Starting in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Memunatu has the power to engage and inspire over 9 million girls across the region.

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