We’ve launched one pilot issue to three secondary schools in Freetown & Lunsar, Sierra Leone. See our goals for future impact on girls, schools and the West African region.

Girl White


There are so many amazing things that happen when you invest in women and girls. At Memunatu, we provide girls with fun and educational content to help them achieve their dreams.


  •    Girls gain the skills they need for school, work, and home life
  •    Girls are more informed and knowledgeable
  •    Develop further ambitions
  •    Memunatu builds community—network of girls who can make change

Our Goals

  •    Literacy: ability to create, interpret, and communicate information
  •    Leadership: inspire girls to lead in their schools, communities, and beyond
  •    Empowerment: the power to make their own decisions


School White


Memunatu is designed to be used in the classroom and out. Per school, Memunatu engages students as student ambassadors and content contributors, teachers as teacher advocates to monitor progress and facilitate lessons, and programs to unite the entire school ecosystem. This builds community, fosters a culture of reading, and improves female outcomes.






Region White


Our goals for the upcoming academic years are:

Year 1

25,000 girls in Sierra Leone and Liberia


Year 5

260,000+ girls in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, and the Gambia

Including Nigeria by year 8, we will have an addressable market of 11 million secondary school-aged girls with impact around literacy, leadership, and empowerment.