Event: Celebrate African Women this Women’s History Month

Women’s history month is in full swing, and what better time to celebrate inspiring women around the world? The Memunatu African Voices Fundraiser is the perfect way to do just that. Join us to connect with inspirational women, learn about what we’re working on at Memunatu, and help support girls education in Africa.

Our team at Memunatu has been hard at work to come up with the best ways to engage with the community at large. Our Development Intern, Ashley, for example, has been connecting with local businesses to involve them in the initiative. It has been incredible to see how many organizations and businesses are interested in helping to make this event happen! From free yoga classes at Down Dog Yoga to gift cards for &pizza, these prizes are not only awesome, but help us achieve impact.

Everyone here at Memunatu is so invested in empowering women and it is thrilling to get to share that with the public. We’re bringing together a select group of women who inspire us, so that they can share their stories with you. This year, we’re publishing and distributing issues of Memunatu that each focus on a different professional field. We’ve reached out to women in fields ranging from government, to journalism, to dance to be a part of these issues. Some of these women will be at the African Voices Fundraiser to share their stories.

The African Voices Fundraiser will take place Tuesday March 28th, at Georgetown LOFT. Attire is casual and the event will run from 6:30-8 p.m. We hope to see you there!

-Aubrey (Editorial Intern)