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Across Africa, girls experience an information desert.
We are here to change that

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About Us

Memunatu creates an opportunity for building community, fostering a culture of reading, and improving women’s outcomes.

Our History

Founded by daughters of immigrants from Sierra Leone, Memunatu is focused on soling big social challenges. What started as an idea has become an opportunity to provide girls with relevant information and enable them to be active participants in their own learning. “Memunatu” is a common girls name in the region. For us, it represents how Memunatu Magazine is for girls by girls.

Our Vision

What if every girl believes in and lives up to her potential to solve problems at any scale? With social impact at our core, we are working to ensure that, through innovative media, girls see their futures differently.

Latest News

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    Internship and Volunteer Opportunities Applications rolling Memunatu Magazine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to promoting literacy, leadership, and empowerment. We create a unique, community-driven publication for under resourced …