About Us

Our mission is to create a unique, community driven publication that provides underserved girls with a range of fun and educational content—from trends to tips for school and suggested reading. Distributed through secondary schools with an accompanying teacher’s guide, Memunatu bridges the gap between educational and extracurricular life. Memunatu has the power to engage and inspire girls across the region.

The Magazine

A quarterly publication with content specifically designed for the educational and practical value for girls. The magazine format is new to this audience; and in a society with low internet access, it is a means of creating community, fostering a culture of reading, and improving women’s outcomes.

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With the print publication, Memunatu has a user experience platform that unites the entire school ecosystem or teachers, students, and their communities.
Teacher Advocates
Points of contact at every school we work with who help provide baseline information to track student performance over time. They also act as an advisory council on Memunatu as a teaching tool.
Student Ambassadors
Leadership in action; these students curate student content and lead focus groups to engage their peers, demonstrate leadership, and identify opportunities for improvement.
Community Building
Makes the magazine come to life, linking likeminded businesses and organizations with our readers. These connections encourage girls to get more involved in their communities.
Mobile SMS
Tightens feedback loops in the magazine and allows us to monitor and evaluate our impact through direct inputs from girls.

What Memunatu Girls Say

  • Even though we have not been privileged to go to school… at home, in my quiet time, I have time for my books, to study the topics that have not been covered… to understand.
  • I want to become a bank manager because that was my dream when I was a child.
  • Ebola has caused so many deaths in this nation .  As for me as a student, I do not want that to be… [When I grow up] I want to become a medical doctor.

Our Impact

How Memunatu affects our audience and their communities.


Let’s empower girls!